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The extras that turn 4 star reviews into 5

19th March 2020 | by airguideapp.com

Giving your guests that 5 star experience means going above and beyond with your hosting. It can mean a little extra work and cost for you but if it secures you those 5 stars at the end of a stay you’ll profit in the long term from all those extra bookings. This article outlines some of the top ways you can give your guests a little extra, without breaking the bank.

Welcome basket

A beautifully presented welcome basket is the perfect way to begin your guests' stay. As one of the most mentioned ‘extras’ in guest reviews we are confident that this little addition will go down very well with your guests. Your basket could simply include some basic food and drink and perhaps a personalised welcome note. Or you could go a step further and include some homemade baking or even some local produce, such as eggs or jam. Consider your market too. Couples may enjoy a bottle of bubbles in the fridge whilst a young family might appreciate a kids activity book and set of crayons tucked in there.


If your property caters for families you may be well adverse to leaving out a crib, stair gate or even a potty for your guests. However, you can easily add in some extras which any parent would appreciate. A box of toys is a great start, no matter how basic they may be, a new toy will always trump an old one in a child's mind. This simple extra could buy your guests some precious minutes to unpack and start their holiday off stress free. You could also go further by providing kiddie friendly snacks, activity books or even a basket of essentials, such as nappies etc.


It’s recommended that you leave your guests with the basic toiletries, such as toilet roll, hand soap and maybe even shampoo and conditioner. However, adding extras could save your guests from having to scrabble to the shops as soon as they arrive because they’ve forgotten to pack all of their essentials. Some much appreciated extras you could supply include; razors, feminie products, cotton wool, deodorant, face wipes and a tube of toothpaste.


A lot of guests leave out old board games and the odd book for guests to enjoy but you can easily go further and provide you guests with some review worth extras for their stay. Consider your location. If your property is by the beach, leave out buckets and spades and even a beach towel for your guest to enjoy. If your area is good for cycling your guests would be thrilled to find bikes waiting for them. And don’t forget digital entertainment. Having Netflix available on a smart TV is becoming more and more common for a lot of s, but by going above and beyond and providing a home device, such as Google Home or an Alexa, would wow any guest.

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