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15th September 2020 | by airguideapp.com

Running a efficiently is no small task. It can be time consuming, costly and physically hard work. However, with the help of certain gadgets, this doesn’t have to always be the case.

Here are some of our favourite tech products, designed to improve the running of a , the management costs and the security of your property.

Electronic door pads

Giving your guests a unique code to enter on arrival is a far safer and more efficient process than arranging a key drop. With no physical key for your guests to look after you can say goodbye to the hassle of replacing lost keys. You can save time on physically dropping off a key on arrival. And feel comforted knowing that the front door will be locked securely when your guests leave without relying on them to lock the door behind them.

Smart control heating

Not only is a smart control thermostat more eco friendly, it can help with the efficient running and cost of your . You can set the temperature to come on before you guests arrive, so it’s nice and warm when they get there. You can also turn the heating off once they leave to help save on energy (and your electricity bill). And the beauty of this gadget is that this can all be done from the comfort of your own sofa at home.

Outdoor motion sensor lights

Installing a motion sensor light outside your property will be greatly received by any guest arriving in the dark. However, this light won’t only help your guests on arrival but will also help improve the security of your property by deterring vandals and intruders.

Noise Monitors

The last thing you want as a host is unhappy neighbours. To help prevent this, a lot of hosts stipulate ‘quiet hours’ within their guidebook, asking guests to kindly respect those living nearby by keeping the noise to a minimum after a certain hour. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. So to make sure you are alerted of any disruption, it might be worth installing a noise monitor. This clever gadget will let you know if the noise within your property reaches a certain level, allowing you to contact your host and gently remind them of your house rules (before your neighbours do!).

Digital Guidebook

The content of your guidebook is vital to the efficiency of your management. With the right information, guests are left equipped to manage their stay, without having to contact their host with numerous questions. This not only improves the efficiency of your hosting but also leads to a happier guest and better reviews. Many hosts are now opting for a digital guidebook, as opposed to the traditional ringbinder, thanks to its many benefits. Such advantages include; better hygiene and reduced cleaning time, flexible distribution, ease of editing and it’s professional presentation.

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