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Design tips for eye catching decor

3rd March 2020 | by airguideapp.com

As every good host will know, the photographs used to promote your property are crucial in the guest’s decision making process. They are the difference between someone scrolling on to find another stay, and booking with you.

They are your ultimate selling point and therefore need to be at their best. This includes, not only the quality of photograph (we strongly recommend that your photographs are taken professionally) but also what you are photographing. This is your opportunity to show your place off at its best and to do this you want to make sure what you are showing-off is eye-catching and appealing.

We have therefore put together our top decor tips, to help you capture the attention of your future guests:

Bring your local area inside

Whether your property is by the beach or in the middle of a city centre, it’s great to capture some of your local culture in the decor of your property.

Your guests may be looking to stay at your property because they are interested to explore and experience your local area, so enhance that experience for them through your choice of decor. For example, a simple piece of art or map, associated with your area on the wall can be an interesting focal point.

Or go further by choosing furniture that represents your location. For example, blue furnishings, driftwood accessories and a sailor knot doorstop can help accessories a coastal property.

Incorporating your local area in your decor will undoubtedly attract your guests attention when scrolling through property listings and help secure you that ever important booking.

Plants, plants and more plants

Foliage around your home is very popular right now. Bringing the outdoors in will freshen up any sized space, whilst giving a warm and homely feel. It’s a great way to give colour to a room and easily accessorised with different styled plant pots to suit your property.

The beauty of the plant is that it works in every room, from the bathroom, to the kitchen, there’s a suitable plant for every space.

The one thing you might find a challenge, given potential distance or frequency of visit, is keeping the plants alive. But not to worry, with plenty of very realistic faux options out there now, you can fill your home with hassle free foliage and still appreciate the same decor effect.

Keep on top of trends

If your property is modern, perhaps a new build, or simply decorated in a minimal style, you’ll be able to update your accessories and livingware more easily, whilst keeping the larger items untouched. A refresh can help keep your property looking new and appealing to style conscious guests.

Pinterest is a great source to use when choosing your decor as it gives insight into popular home trends and plenty of design inspiration. At the moment you will notice that line drawing art, large potted plants and boho chic style living rooms are very popular. It has also been found that the colour ‘aegean blue’ is currently very popular in home decor right now and attracting a higher number of guest bookings (research undertaken by Airbnb - 2019).

So if it’s the modern, on trend guests you’re after, you may need to consider building in a refresh from time to time, a more costly but worthwhile task if you want to guarantee those bookings.

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