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Green homes

1st August 2020 | by airguideapp.com

People today are making eco friendly choices in every wake of life, including what products they buy, how they travel and even how and where they getaway. Creating an eco friendly home therefore won’t only help save the planet, it will also help you boost your booking numbers.

Recycling bins

Most homes these days have a number of bins to help separate your recycling and your food waste. Your guests are therefore likely to be familiar with this set-up, so with a simple instruction left in your guidebook, you can easily encourage your guests to recycle throughout their stay.

Eco friendly decor

Choosing eco friendly decor for your property is a brilliant way to present your green home whilst encouraging eco friendly behaviour from your guests. This could be in the form of upcycled furniture, reusable soap and shampoo dispensers or even sustainable kitchenware, such as bamboo plates and cups.

Cleaning supplies

With cleaning at the forefront of people's minds now, it’s advisable that you leave cleaning materials out for your guests to use if they choose. There are plenty of effective natural cleaning products available to leave on offer, along with reusable cloths to help promote your eco-friendly living.

Energy Efficient Appliances

When purchasing your bigger appliances, such as your fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, make sure you are choosing items with an A+++ efficiency rating.

You could also install a smart thermostat, which will help you control the temperature of the property from afar. This is particularly useful if you don’t live near your home as you can remotely turn the temperature down after guests leave, helping to save energy. Apps such as Nest and Hive allow you to do this.

Also, don’t forget the little things like lightbulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs installed across the property will help considerably. Saving the planet as well as your electricity bill.


Going green can mean more than just the physical aspects of your property, it could also influence the food your guests are eating. Begin their journey off with a welcome basket of local, organic produce. Suggest some of your favourite environmentally conscious restaurants and local attractions for them to explore during their stay. And finally create a compost patch for your guests to use when dining at home.

Go bigger

If you’re looking to take that step further and introduce some serious energy saving changes to your property, you may want to consider solar panels. Solar panels can be quickly and easily installed for as little as £2,000 and are surprisingly low maintenance. A worthwhile investment for any eco-friendly property.

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