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Tips to help your property listing to stand out from the crowd

2nd April 2020 | by airguideapp.com

With more and more s hitting the market, how do you make sure your listing stands out and wins that booking? Find out here.

Popular property features

There are certain features in properties that entice guests into booking. And if your property has one of these features you need to show it off and capitalize on your unique selling point. Examples of these popular features include, a hot tub, a working fireplace and a swimming pool. These features will not only increase your number of bookings but may also allow you to charge a higher rate. So make sure you’re presenting them clearly in your listing.

Highlight your extras

Whilst it’s not cheap to get a hot tub or swimming pool installed, there are plenty of more affordable extras you can add to your property which will help you stand out from the crowd. Some of the most well rated extras in properties include; a coffee machine, fast WiFi, a dishwasher and a washing machine. If you’re able to include these items, make sure you’re mentioning them in your description or even including a picture of them within your listing.


A deal breaker for many guests when booking a will be whether or not the property allows pets or not. If you are happy for guests to bring their pet, make this clear early on in your listing. Offering this option may add to the running of your , but is potentially a worthwhile choice if it guarantees you those extra bookings. See here for more information on how to manage a pet friendly .

Local features

Often guests are looking to book a trip away to experience and explore the local area. By offering them authentic accommodation will not only enrich their experience but will also ensure your property stands out from the crowd and secures those extra bookings. Therefore, if your property represents the culture of your local area in any way, your listing is the perfect place to showcase this. This could include traditional features, such as exposed beams or a fireplace or simply the decor you’ve chosen.

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