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The ultimate checklist

25th September 2020 | by airguideapp.com

Getting your property ready for its first guest is something that takes careful consideration and planning. The list of things you will need to do and buy can be a little overwhelming, especially if this is your first time hosting. But have no fear, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of all the things you will need, to help you. You can also download and print our checklist for free, at the bottom of this article.




Living Room



Essentially you are trying to create a home away from home, ensuring your guests are well equipped for a comfortable stay. A good way to know this for sure is to give your property a trial run yourself.

If possible, spend a night or two in your property before you rent it out to any guests and you will very quickly pick up on those essential items you may have missed.

Another way to do this is to invite close family members or friends to trial run your set-up. Not only will they be able to flag any missing items but they can also give you an ever important, glowing review.

Download our FREE printable checklist

To help you with your initial set-up, please download and print our FREE checklist - The ultimate checklist. If you have any additional items that you think would be useful, please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

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