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The ultimate checklist for your property manual

25th July 2020 | by airguideapp.com

The property manual is a vital component to any property and the content of which can significantly improve the quality of your guests' stay.

Whether you’re supplying your guests with a hard copy ringbinder or a digital guestbook, you’ll undoubtedly have a lot of information to share with your guests. What to include in your property manual is one of the most commonly asked questions from short stay and hosts, so if you too are questioning your content, we are here to help with our ultimate property manual checklist:

About You

Begin with your contact details (name, address, phone number, email address) in a prominent position within your guestbook. If your guests need to contact you they may need to do so quickly, so don’t want to be scrabbling around for a phone number in a time of need.

Checking in and out

‘What time is check-out?’, is one of the most commonly asked questions from guests, so placing this information early on will be appreciated. If necessary, also include any further information about a possible late check-out (another very common request!).

You can also include details on what parking is available here, giving specific details if necessary, so guests feel comfortable leaving their vehicle during their stay.

Also, any instructions around how to open the door (if electronic), or where to collect the key is essential and ideally sent to your guests prior to their stay if you are providing them with an online manual.

House Rules

Another area worth including early on is your house rules. You may want to detail your rules around pets, smoking, shoes, visitors and ‘quiet times’ in this section.

We recommend you try and word this section carefully so not to appear too constricting whilst making your rules clear and concise, to help protect your property.

About your property

Some of the key points to include in this section are:

Other useful information to include in this section would be details around how any electrical appliances work:

It’s also good to cover any equipment left for children, if applicable. Guests arriving with a small child don’t want to be hunting around for a crib or highchair, so make sure you leave clear instructions on where to find them.

Safety and security is a good area to cover here too, with details on where to find fire extinguishers, a safe or simply how to open locked doors and windows.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your guests where they can find extra linen, towels, toilet roll etc, if applicable.

The local area

One section in a property manual that guests really appreciate is tips and recommendations around the local area. If you know your area well, personal recommendations on restaurants, pubs and local attractions are encouraged as this gives the guests confidence when exploring the local area.

Be sure to include details on where they can find local amenities too, such as

And remember to leave any numbers for local takeaways and taxi numbers which are also really appreciated.

How to present your manual

Finally, how your property manual is presented is an important consideration. Some opt for the more traditional ringbinder whilst others choose to build it online, giving them the option to send information to their guests prior to their stay and allow them to take the manual out with them on their phone when exploring the local area.

In more recent times, hosts choosing to go online are also appreciating the hygiene benefits of a digital manual, instead of having to clean and manage a well used hardcopy after every stay.

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