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How to help your guests feel confident in their post-lockdown stay

8th June 2020 | by airguideapp.com

Across the country, thousands of s have remained vacant since the 23rd March, leaving landlords severely out of pocket.

As the UK’s lockdown is beginning to ease, industries are keen to get going once more. For the hospitality and tourism industry, this may be a longer wait than others, as plans to reopen seem to be further along the phased plan.

Nonetheless, in anticipation, landlords and companies will be considering how to kick start their business once more.

The business savvy will have recognised a need to adapt their current business model to fit the ‘new normal’. Guests are going to be approaching their getaways with a different mindset now. One with their health and safety at its forefront.

Landlords and companies are therefore going to have to make changes to ensure their guests have the confidence to not only book a stay at their property but also to make them feel safe during their stay.

We have outlined a few tips to help reassure your guests, encourage those bookings and help get those 5 star reviews.

Update Your Consumables

You may be very used to leaving your guests rolls of toilet paper, soaps, shampoos and maybe even teas and coffees. But now you may also consider leaving disinfectant and sanitising supplies out for them to use throughout their stay, such as, a hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap and disinfectant cleaning materials.

Deep Cleaning

The Government has released guidance on how they expect certain settings to be cleaned now, including accommodation. Airbnb too is due to release it’s own Cleaning Protocol in June, as have many other major hotel chains.

Reassuring your guests that your property is cleaned to the recommended safety standards will encourage people to book with you and help them relax during their stay. To help demonstrate this to your guests you could compile a cleaning report to show them, or simply use our free, printable report - available here.

Go Digital

If you are still to upgrade your guest manual from that dog-eared ring binder to a more efficient online version, now's the time to do it. Not only will the guests appreciate the ease and efficiency of having the manual on their own phone, they won’t feel uncomfortable about thumbing through a heavily used document.

As the host too, you won’t have to undertake the arduous task of cleaning every single page, after each stay.

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