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The benefits of an online property manual

5th July 2020 | by airguideapp.com

Your property guide book is a vital source of information for your guests. From how to work appliances, to tips around the local area, this document is likely to contain a wealth of information. More traditionally, this document was presented as a hardcopy and left within the property for the guests arrival. However, hosts are now upgrading the ringbinder for an online guide, and here’s why:

Before guests arrive

The beauty of an online manual is that it doesn’t need to sit waiting in your property for your guests to arrive. You are able to send the guidebook to your guests prior to their arrival giving them ample time to plan their stay based on the information you give them.

It’s an opportunity to tell your guests what the property includes, so they don’t pack unnecessarily. It’s also a chance for them to see exactly what the local area has to offer, allowing them to book restaurants in advance or buy tickets to local attractions.

It is also ideal for clearly detailing directions to the property, providing specifics around parking and how they are to enter the property. All of this will help ensure their arrival is as stress free as possible.

Out and about

Unlike a traditional ringbinder manual, your online guidebook can travel with your guests on their device wherever they go. This is ideal for exploring the local area, especially if you provide links to maps for specific destinations and details around attractions, restaurants and local amenities.


In the wake of recent changes worldwide, hygiene and cleanliness has never been more important. Hosts now have the challenge of deep cleaning their property after every visit to ensure guests are safe from the spread of infection and confident in their stay. This is a timely and costly process for owners but a necessity nonetheless.

One item contributing to the time and cost of cleaning is a hardcopy guide book. As a heavily used item it certainly needs cleaning well but cleaning and disinfecting each page is an arduous task, one that could be avoided entirely if replaced with an online manual. To simply send your guests a web link and remove all physical contact will mean their reading of your manual is done confidently and at leisure.

No more dogeared pages

As guest after guest thumbs through your guide book, coffee rings start to appear and pages go missing, your manual will very quickly turn worn and dogeared. With an online guidebook you won’t ever need to re-print that torn page, or replace that broken binder, instead presenting your guests with a beautifully presented manual every time

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