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How to make your pet friendly

10th May 2020 | by airguideapp.com

With the ‘staycation’ becoming ever more popular, holiday goers are choosing to vacation more often with their four legged friends. This means the demand for a pet friendly has never been higher. So if you’re looking to welcome in those furry guests, here are some of our top tips to help create the ideal pet friendly .

Pet friendly furniture

To help protect your home it’s worth investing in some pet friendly furniture. Think dark colours and hard wearing materials, scotch guard if possible and provide plenty of blankets and throws. Hard flooring will also be far easier to manage but if you already have carpets consider laying a rug to protect them.

It’s also worth adding in some pet friendly fabric sprays to your cleaning routine to help keep your property smelling fresh for your next guests.


If your property offers outside space then make sure it’s secure around the edges to prevent pets from escaping. It’s also worth checking to make sure that your garden isn’t growing any plants that may be poisonous to animals and pruning any low level thorny plants. If you have a pond or swimming pool, it’s advisable that you cover them or use gates. Also a necessity for guests with small children.

No pet zones

You may want to designate some ‘no pet zones’ in your home where pets are not allowed to go. This could be bedrooms, rooms with carpets or simply the sofas and beds. You can outline these areas to your guests in the house rules within your guidebook.


Providing a little extra for your guest’s furry friend will impress any pet owner. You could include a chew toy or bag of treats in your welcome hamper to help settle them in. Providing a dog toy won’t only keep their pet entertained but may even deter them from using your sofa as a chew toy.

You could also provide some of the bigger pet items, such as a dog bed and bowl, to help save on packing. You could also include doggy friendly pubs and walks within your local attractions section of your guidebook.

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